Website shopping cart at last….

Yes I am building my shopping cart website to make it easier to purchase the pretty goodies that are available… at last!!!!
Watch this space……………. well don’t sit there too long… waiting… I will be as quick as I can adding… but go get a coffee at least… are you still there reading… ….. No I haven’t finished it yet… I am still writing this to you 🙂


It sadly does seem that everything I touch lately has turned to mush… but I know that this is the turn around time… I think I finally have it installed… well I didn’t do it in the end… yes yes.. days I mean 3 days and nights of tears at home wanting to smash my computer to pieces and asking for help from .. oh well let us not worry about that….
What am I still doing here … I want to add things….I am off…. toodles!


Past Screaming………..


Actually the eye scared me too! I am a going from pillar to post and I know that everyone is in business to make money but what ever happened to honesty!!!  Just when you or I (eye haha sorry! ) should I say think … yep I have found the right one…. and have to settle with having to go for a new domain name etc… at the check out… they want more for an email… more for this more for that.. so that what I thought was a good package and domain charge (grr) was okay… SHOCK ….HORROR there is always more!
Why when you speak to these customer sales people can they just not be flipping honest… or is it me… and I just too honest!  I know I am weary as the last hosting company sold my domain name after I had renewed it for two years to someone else a few months after I paid them and they denied it all….so… I am getting an ulcer here.


Like my moan about Paypal… yes we do it madam.. I spend two days going round in circles getting the business account they want etc blah blah blah only to find that they want me to sign up for something else at a cost which they didn’t tel me about!!  If they had only said this in the first place.

So cup of tea over with… back to work and let me see what I can come up with now…. they as large corporate business forget that we are the little people…. and they also started somewhere once.


Keep smiling everyone….. So looking forward to a break away… but stressing now as I have so many ideas that I want to do everything now 🙂