Amethyst Tumble With Free Organza Bag and Gift Tag.

NAME:  Amethyst Tumble With Free Organza Bag and Gift Tag


DESCRIPTION:  Amethyst has always been a beautiful crystal like others can come in the palest of pale to the deepest of deep purple.  The crystals we have here are varying in colours like the others and no two are the same, all as wonderful as the other.  This is the healer of all healers is the Amethyst crystals, wonderful to use on people, animals and plants.  EMOTIONALLY this crystal was used a lot but the Ancient Greeks, was believed to have reduced intoxication, addictions, obsessions, compulsiveness, etc, so things in abundance that needed to be reduced.  It is one of nature’s very calming stones.  SPIRITUALLY this crystal has been used by many mediums and spiritualists to ward of negative energies and paranormal harm or anyone wishing you any harm.  This is the stone of good luck as well as it will attract harmony.


All our crystals will be cleansed prior to being sent and filled with Spiritual Healing……….


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