Welcome to ….

The Start

Here we are at the start of my new venture, not only in my life, but in business!

I have taken a large step and decided to go it alone and make it myself in the world… scary isn’t it… and here I will blog about what is new and what is available to buy, what will be coming… isn’t this exciting!

I aim to design all things that I make different, so you can be assured that there will never be anyone else with the same item as you in the whole world… so you will have your own beautiful designer item.  There may be the same item but different material or embellisments which will make them completely unique to you!

Shabby Chic will always fit into anyones home and at the moment this is the sort of twist that I am going for.  As time goes on this I am sure will change so why not join me in the new ride of my life and let us see where it goes.

So I hope that you do keep an eye on my blog and the beautiful handcrafted/made items that I design just for you and your lovely family, friends and home, even just a Thank You gift for a friend… the list is endless……

Also hopefully, I look forward to your comments and sales!

Thanks and here we go!


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